Renovating Diverse City

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Renovating Diverse City is available!!! If you don't have it already GO OUT and BUY it!!! It's truly amazing... I love the remix of Catchafire and the new song "Westcoast kid" with Paul Wright is amazing... I have a copy, my little brother has a copy and I bought a friend of a copy... So please go out and endorse Toby by buying up all the copies of his new remix album everywhere you go, ok just joking... This really does outbeat the Momentum remix album in my oppinion...


Everyone PLEASE listen, this is majorily important that you tell your friends about Toby's new CD, I've talked up everyone I know and people I don't know :), listen don't use the excuse you own the original so why buy the remix, the remix is hotter with a whole new beat for all the songs plus two amazing tracks that aren't available on the original "West Coast kid" and "InTRUding again" not to mention the bonus phone messages at the end !!!!