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Tobias Kevin Michael McKeehan (otherwise known at Toby Mac)

Born: October 22,1964 in Arlington, Virginia (he is 40 years old, turning 41)

Family: Amanda (his wife), Truett (his oldest son), Moses Earle, his twin sister Marlee Emmanuelle, and last but not least Leo who was born November 02, 2004

Toby’s CD collection:


This Christmas CD

Re:Mix Momentum

Welcome to Diverse City

Renovating Diverse City (coming out August 30, 2005)


DC talk CD collection :

Christian Rhymes To A Rhythm

DC talk

Nu Thang

Free at Last

Free at last Extended play Remixes EP

Jesus Freak- the single

Jesus Freak

In the Light - the single

Welcome to the Freak Show


Intermission: Greatest Hits

Solo: Special Edition

Free at Last: Ten Year Anniversary Special Edition


DC talk is my favorite group of all times, when they went solo I followed each of their careers closely and fell even more in love with them... Unlike Kevin who brings the poetic feel to the threesome, Toby Mac brings fusion hip hop which is a blend of rap/hip hop with his amazing Christian lyrics to back up everything... Welcome to Diverse city is his newest cd but soon Renovating Diverse City will be coming out which has the best Mixers in the country working on it....



I have seen Toby Mac LIVE with DC talk and by himself, its like a Jekyll and Hide experience cause the two are so different. After Toby, Mike, and Kevin went solo, three different personalities unpacked themselves on the Christian music scene which weren’t defined as such when they were together... I am also a Michael Tait fan but Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will my four part Numba1fan sites...